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Customized, Professional Staffing

Locally owned and operated, Cadre Staffing offers a higher quality of experienced food and beverage, hotel, and special event personnel for specific events, seasonal demands, long term assignments, and temporary-to-permanent staffing. Our associates have been screened, references have been verified, and they possess specific licenses when necessary. All workers have actual ‘hands-on’ experience with hotels, restaurants, or special event venues. Cadre Staffing associates have completed our “Gold Standards” orientation and in house/on site training. The entire Cadre staff is committed to your satisfaction!

In order to provide continuity of service, Cadre Staffing maintains an extensive staff of flexible temporary and contract associates in the job categories frequently requested by our clients. Additionally, we have access to contract workers available in a variety of specialty categories for specific or unique assignments. We maintain a large data base which enables us to match your request to specific associates in a matter of minutes. We constantly maintain our pool of employees and candidates through a variety of sources including referrals, recruiting, college/trade school recruiting, job fairs, and outsourcing.

Cadre Staffing, L.L.C. maintains detailed computerized records of each client’s specific needs and requirements, as well as a profile of equipment, software, and special requests. These records assist us in referring only the best possible employee available for your event needs.






Fax: 504-885-5102